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roller skates for the whole family:

Roller Derby skates: Antik AR2

roller derby skates

c58彩票com8彩票软件Derby skates for players of all levels, from junior roller derby to WFTDA / MRDA. We also offer full customs by all the top brands like Riedell, Bont, Antik, Crazy Skates and Sure-Grip. We have nearly 15 years experience in fitting and customizing skates for athletes of all levels. We specialize in custom skates: Amazing custom colour combinations, custom designs, custom fit including split sizing and full custom mold making for custom-last and 3D-scanned custom boots.

Moxi Skates

outdoor skates

Casual skate on the bike path, fitness, transportation, roller hockey, dance session at the park with your crew... We got your roller skates Canada! Shown here is the Moxi Lolly skate, a favourite, but we also have Impala, Rio, Riedell, Sure-Grip, Bont, SFR etc...

The only difference between indoor and outdoor skates is the wheels, and wheels can easily be switched (provided you have bearings in both sets). Get yourself a set of indoor wheels, some bearings, and a toolc58彩票com8彩票软件 and you're ready for sessions outdoor AND indoor!

SFR Kids skates

kids roller skates

We select our line of fun and affordable skates for children and teens based on quality and value for the money. We may not sell the very cheapest models on the market, but the products we select meet our basic standards for design, quality manufacturing and materials. Our kids skates offer a comfortable, safe and FUN ride. We also sell Junior Derby skates and kids skates & gear packs for the little athletes.

A Bont ProStar Prodigy skate

fresh meat packages*

*New derby recruits are called "Fresh Meat". Everything you need to play roller derby: roller derby skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet, mouth guard. All in a discounted package! We have various packages to meet various budgets, player styles, and experience levels.

The S-One Lifer with Visor

protective gear

We sell the best safety gear on the market at the best prices in Canada. Helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, kid sets. S-One, 187, Smith, Protec. We've got you covered and rollerskating safely!

The Riedell Radar Energy outdoor wheels

parts: wheels, bearings, toe stops, etc...

We carry replacement parts, a huge selection of wheels, bearings, toe stoppersc58彩票com8彩票软件, laces, and everything else to keep your skates rolling.

Canada's skate shop since 2003!

c58彩票com8彩票软件With our extensive selection of skating gear in stock here in Canada, well over a decade of experience, our amazing customer service, and our sizing guarantee, we'll help you find the perfect fit! We carry all the protective gear for roller derby and tons of fun athletic clothing. Shop online and enjoy our renown customer service, quick delivery, sizing guarantee, $13 flat rate shipping in Canada, and the friendliest exchange and return policy around, or come visit our skate shop in Vancouver, Canada.

Skaters helping skaters

We are roller skaters: derby players, ramp skaters (shout out to Chicks in Bowls!), dance skaters. We are here to answer all your questions and help you pick the right products for your needs. Don't be afraid to ask, email or call us, we'll explain everything. There are no silly questions. We carry all the best brands: Riedell, Antik, Bont, Sure-Grip, Moxi, Impala, Roller Bones, S-One, 187, Smith, etc. We have a huge local inventory, ready to ship to you. And yes, of course we sell mens skates!

Be sure to take a look at the helpful resources in the Info section. You'll find, amongst other useful tidbits, some of our very popular guides like our Fresh Meat File (the ABC of getting into roller derby) and our derby wheel guide.

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